Where is the line?

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In December 2015, not all break room discussions were about last-minute shopping and who wants to volunteer to decorate the office. Many people debated murder, questionable police tactics, and whether Steven Avery or Brandon Dassey should be in prison for the murder of Theresa Halbach.

Both seasoned true-crime fans and television prudes alike couldn’t get enough of the popular Netflix series, Making a Murderer. According to Business Insider, the show reached 2.3 million viewers within the first week.

Sorry Ralphy, there’s always next year.

True-crime continues to soar with most streaming networks putting out content regularly such as HBO’s I’ll…


Rants of a Disgruntled Cyclist

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Hi, I’m a Car Idiot. I’ve got places to be, and I won’t let a cyclist get in the way of that. I won’t be slowing down while I pass him; in fact, I might speed up just to let him know that it bothers me that I have to turn my wheel one degree to give him a safe space.

Do you have any idea how long it takes my car to get back up to 35 miles an hour after slowing down to 20?

About 2 seconds, but its the principle.

I don’t know if they know this…

Attached is a summary of the importance of email manners

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Pressed suits or proper dresses, and even in-flight filets were the norms for commercial flying in the ’60s and ’70s. Today, it’s expected to show up to security in your sweatpants, half asleep, wearing a neck pillow.

Of course, back then, flying also consisted of rampant sexual harassment in a cabin full of unfiltered smoke, too. My point is while we may have improved in that regard, some of our etiquettes have waned over the years, such as how we communicate over the internet.

As we rely more on our email communications for many facets of life, we may forget…


How a full-time start can build a strong foundation

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If you’re a young person who has been seriously considering the pledge to serve in the United States' armed forces, you may be overwhelmed with information.

Between the recruiters, your family, friends, and the endless supply of information available online, it can be difficult to have the confidence to know you are making the right choice.

Once you figure out what branch you want to join based on your favorite movie, you may have yet another fork in the road; active or part-time?

If you are like me, then you know you want to serve and go to college. In…

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